Love in the age of platform capitalism - Shado Mag

Illustration for an article for Shado Magazine about Dating and tech dystopias.

This piece focuses on the difficulties of dating in our data-driven, capitalist world. I wanted to focus on the overwhelming, factory-like feeling of swiping past endless possibilities, but also the closed-mindedness of being shown several versions of the same person. I thought this was the most striking visual representation of what it feels like to use dating apps. Visually, I mixed both organic and technological elements to convey the duality of love and data. Using the same colours and the same faces helps reinforce the repetitiveness, and the circular composition and the main character floating above show an incapacity to control, and a looping, never-ending return to square one. However, the overall mood created by the cheerful colours, is one of hope and joy, after all, it’s not all doom and gloom.